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Monday, June 29, 2009

Scal Tutorial Part #2

Downloading and Cutting Files from others

Have you seen files on someone else's blog that you would like to use but have no idea how? We will be going over this with today's tutorial.

Step 1: Find a blog with a file that you would like to download. (Make sure that you have permission and leave a comment thanking them.) I have plenty on my blog that you may use.

Step 2: Most blogs have the name of the files in bold print. If you click on the name it will bring you to a download page or download box. Click on either the download button or the save button depending on the options you are given. This will save the file to your computer. Mine saves them to the desktop. It is important that you know where your file is going.

Step 3: Open scal. The file you downloaded is in one of two forms. It is either a scut file or a svg file.
If it is a scut file then you need to go to file, open and choose your downloaded file.
If it is a svg file then you need to go to file, import and then choose your download file.
You should now have the file on your cutting mat inside of a red box.

Step 4: Sizing - you can size your file two ways.
One - you can use the bottom right hand arrow key to stretch or shrink your file.
Two - you can change the size of your item by typing the size into the properties box. You will find the width and height section underneath the nudge buttons.

Step 5: Shadowing - if your file didn't come with a shadow you can create one. Just follow the shadowing directions in the last tutorial.

Step 6: Cut paper to fit each piece of your file. Most files will have several different pieces shown on the cutting mat at one time. This is because scal doesn't offer different tabs like design studios does. Simply follow the grid on your mat to cut each color of paper remembering that each square equals one inch.

Step 7: Using your vertual mat as a guide, place your pieces of paper on your cutting mat.

Step 8: Load your mat into your cricut and click on the scissors to cut it out.

There are lots of free files you can download all over the internet. Please make sure that you thank the person that you get the file from. These file can take a long time to make and it's nice to know that they are appreciated.

Tomorrow we will start with making our own cut files using Inkscape. Inkscape is a free download. You can find it here: Inkscape download.

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