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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Craft Space

WendyCranford from the Cricut Message Board asked to see my craft space. Thanks for the interest Wendy!

Overall workspace:
I use a cheap table from Walmart with plastic drawers underneath. The drawer unit to the right is new. I haven't filled the all drawers yet but I'm sure I will soon. I have to slide this out to use my cricut but then I can reach the drawers easier.

Making Memories Embellishment Center:
My mom gave me this for my birthday. I love all the stuff that it holds. I am constantly moving things around in it to add more stuff.

Paper Storage:
I have 2 j max cubes that I bought at Michaels. I turned them sideways so I can see the paper better. I have a small set of drawers for pictures, glue, rulers, etc. I use a file folder (black) to hold all my scrap paper. All paper is sorted by color.

Cricut Cartridge Storage:
I use Plano Sliders. They are meant for fishing but work well for this too. I bought them from Amazon.com. Click Here for the link. I took the covers off and I taped the sliders in place. Now if I want to go to a crop, I just take them off the wall and put the covers on.

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