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Monday, May 18, 2009

Card Class

Hi everyone. I'm going to start teaching a card class on Monday nights. The classes will be held here. You do need to register to be a member but it is a painless process I promise. Each week I will demonstrate how to make a new card. We will start out very simply for beginners adding new elements and skills each week. Classes will start at 8pm EST.

Prize: I am currently putting together a prize package for some lucky winners. To enter, participate in the class and email me (creationsbyk8@gmail.com) a picture of your finished card. I will add a new prize to the package every week for 8 weeks!

Good luck and I hope to see you there.


You go to the pieces of paper forum and sign up. Make sure you log on a little before 8pm est. The forum is divided into several sections. Steph has made a section just for these classes. Click on class #1 and join the discussion. Starting at 8pm, I will post a picture of a card and the items needed to make the card. Then slowly, I will post step by step directions of how to make the card. We can chat while we make the card. This also allows anyone who has questions to ask while I am currently online and able to answer. You can post your finished card in that thread when you are done. I am asking that everyone email me a picture of your card so I can add them to my blog also. Each week I will also post the picture of a goodie that I will be adding to the prize box. At the end of the 8 weeks, I will pick either one winner or a few winners. This will depend on how many people we have participating. The more people, the more winners there will be.


  1. Hi Katie!
    Would you mind posting a few more details about how the class works, please? It sounds interesting, but I don't understand the process as I've never done anything like this before!!

  2. Sounds great. I am off to sign up. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for adding the details. This sounds like something I can do!! I've just registered, and am waiting for confirmation.